1,500 cubic yards in March 2019

Batch Two is expected to be ready for delivery in March 2019. The price will be $300/cubic yard, plus shipping. Futures are available! Purchasing today, and pay $200/cubic yard.  Includes shipping within 100 miles of Santa Rosa, Vallejo or Hollister. SymSoil cultivates regionally-specific soil microbes, trapped in the wild, and blends these microorganisms, minerals and proprietary materials into low value commodity compost, creating an engineered soil for specific crops and conditions.  Batch Two is expected to exceed Batch One, which had these characteristics: Total Fungi 525.7 m/g (goal >300 m/g) Fungi to Bacteria Ratio 0.99 (goal 1.0) Fungi Hyphae size 2.85 … Continue reading 1,500 cubic yards in March 2019

SymSoil Grow Cubes

SymSoil Grow Cubes will reduce the cost of growing cannabis. Clones which root in SymSoil Grow Cubes will demonstrate greater health and vigor throughout their lives, resulting in larger yields and better flavor profiles. SymSoil Inc. is a soil health company, focused on the microbial diversity that allows plants to absorb nutrients the way nature intended.. The team at SymSoil has over 35 years of experience improving soil, with nearly 15 years working in cannabis cultivation. Inspired by Dr Elaine Ingham,  the SymSoil team has members with extensive experience with Korean Natural Farming (KNF), Soil Food Web, Permaculture, biochar and … Continue reading SymSoil Grow Cubes